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Masonry Barbecues | Stone BBQs | Chimney BBQs | Barbecue Accessories

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Summmer Barbecues

Here at Big K we stock a wide range of barbecues including masonry barbecues, stone bbqs, chimney barbecues, concrete bbqs, brick barbecues, gas barbecue grills and outdoor cooking ranges. Whether you prefer traditional style charcoal cooking or the speed and convenience of gas, we have products to suit all tastes and gardens.

Masonry BBQs

Masonry barbecues also known as chimney or concrete bbqs are long lasting, outdoor cooking facilities that can be used in gardens and patios of all sizes. Made from reinforced concrete, our masonry barbecues will also double up as patio heaters once food cooking has been completed and the chimney design helps to draw smoke away from the cooking area. Masonry barbecues use charcoal to cook the food, which creates a wonderful smoky flavour. Choose from white or terracotta designs.

>> Masonry BBQs

Stone BBQs - Click here to view our range.

Stone BBQs

Big K stone BBQs are made from pre-coloured re-constituted stone and don’t need painting. They also incorporate special heat-retaining firebricks and an Easy-Fire aluminium alloy plate for easy fire lighting. Stone barbecues can be fired with charcoal or wood.

>> Stone BBQs

Barbecue Accessories - Click here to view our range.

Barbecue Accessories

Here at Big K we stock a great selection of barbecue accessories and tools to assist with cooking and general maintenance. Our range of cooking accessories includes grills, braziers, rotisserie spits, stone plates and dripping pans for cooking meat, fish and vegetables. You will also find a stylish range of barbecue tools, skewers, cleaning kits and grill brushes made from stainless steel and wood and covers to protect your barbecue from the elements.

>> Barbecue Accessories

Barbecue Fuels - Click here to view our range.

Barbecue Fuels

You will also find on our site plenty of summer fuel options to keep your alfresco dining in full swing.

>> Barbecue fuel