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Wood Burning Logs

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Wood Burning Logs

Big K sell a wide range of wood burning for open fires, wood burners, stoves, fire pits, barbecues chimneas and garden kitchens. Our range of products includes seasoned firewood logs, hardwood logs, softwood logs, wood fuel briquettes, real firewood logs and instant lighting fire logs.

Wood burning logs – click here to browse our range of products

Seasoned Firewood Logs

Our seasoned firewood log bundles contain a mix of FSC hardwoods and softwoods including birch, beech, elm, ash, oak, cedar, lime, pine, fir and spruce. Our FSC accreditation shows that our wood products are responsibly sourced from woods overseen by the Forest Stewardship Council. All logs have been cut to size measuring approximately 230mm-330mm in length and 40mm to 160mm in diameter so they fit easily into both modern and traditional fireplaces, wood burners and stoves.

As a rough guide and depending upon the size of your fireplace, one netted bundle of seasoned fire wood logs should last approximately 2 evenings.

Hardwood Logs

Our bagged hard wood logs are made up of superior quality FSC hardwoods including pieces of birch, ash, beech, elm, oak, cedar and lime wood which have been cut to a handy size so they are simple to store and fit easily into both modern and traditional style fireplaces.

Our hardwood logs have been well seasoned so they contain 40 per cent less moisture making them burn really well. They are a sustainable, environmentally friendly and renewable energy source and are ideal for use in multi-fuel stoves, wood-burning stoves, chimneas, fire pits, pizza ovens, cookers and open fires. Kiln-dried for maximum performance they are easy to light and more fuel efficient and cleaner burning than softwood logs, producing less smoke and a hotter flame.

Softwood Logs

Softwood logs are great for getting fires started. They light easily and burn well making them the perfect additive to your fire in its early stages. Use kindling and softwood logs to kick start your fire in readiness for the addition of hardwoods later. Softwoods are prone to spitting though, due to their comparatively high moisture content and air pockets, so make sure you have a fire guard in place.

Our softwood logs are bagged up in 10kg nets which contain a mix of pine, fir and spruce. They are not seasoned as long as our hardwood logs so they are not guaranteed to have a moisture content of less than 40 per cent. They can be burnt on a stove, open fireplace or wood burner and are cheaper per bag than hardwood.

Wood Fuel Briquettes

Our wood fuel briquettes are bagged up in 10 kilo bundles and are made from 100% recycled wood.

This reduces the need to fell plantation timber and saves on landfill. They are ideal for chimneas, fire pits, stoves and open fires since they do not spit or spark and their low moisture content and low gaseous emissions make them ideal for use both inside and outside the home.

Instant Lighting Fire Logs

Our instant lighting fire logs take all the hassle away from lighting a fire. All you need do is simply light the wrapper and let the fire log do the rest. Ideal for stoves, open fires, fire pits and fireplaces, they are easily stored, clean to handle and above all, safe to use.

None of the usual fire preparation is necessary, so there is no messing around with kindling or fire-lighters. With just a match or a lighter you can create the perfect warming fire which will last for up to 3 hours. Fire logs are environmentally friendly and suitable for use in smoke-controlled areas. Each fire log will last for up to 3 hours and there are 3 to a pack giving you 9 hours of continuous heat with the minimum of effort.

Real Firewood Logs

Cheaper than seasoned logs, our firewood logs have not been seasoned as long and so their moisture content cannot be guaranteed. There are very suitable for burning on any fire or in a stove that can be guarded against spitting.

Firewood log bundles typically contain softwoods like fir, pine and spruce. These softwoods are lower in density than hardwoods, therefore they burn faster with a faster, but shorter lived heat output. They are ideal as kindling wood or for use in getting a fire started.