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Tips On Building Your Barbecue

Video Guides on Building Your Barbecue

Ranch BBQ Range

Touareg BBQ Range

Martinica BBQ Range

This barbecue is for outdoor cooking use only. It must not be used for burning household or garden rubbish.

MATERIALS: Mortar and masonry paint supplied (traditional range); adhesive (stone range)
TOOLS: Trowel, brush and roller
CAUTION: Some parts of your barbecue are heavy and may, therefore, require two people to lift into position.

The following must be adhered to, otherwise cracks will appear which can affect the stability of your barbecue:

1. The BBQ must be erected on a hard level foundation (preferably a concrete base) to prevent movement, do NOT cement the BBQ base to this foundation.

2. Position part 1 (refer to part numbers in your instruction booklet) on your level base area.

3. Mix the mortar (traditional range only).

4. Using a very thin film of mortar (traditional range) or adhesive (stone range) between parts, assemble in numerical order using the diagram in your instruction booklet. Special care must be taken when assembling the fire area - position the side pieces by inserting the grill to ensure it runs freely. Here the film of mortar/adhesive must be as thin as possible to allow thermal expansion.

5. The fire bricks on the base of the fire MUST NOT be fixed with mortar or adhesive.

6. Protect any pre-coloured red parts by masking before giving the barbecue two coats of paint. A textured finish can be given on the second coat. Please note that the stone barbecues do not need any paint.

7. Wait at least 24 hours before using your barbecue.

WARNING!! Never pour any flammable liquid, or even proper barbecue lighting fluid onto a lit or warm barbecue - it can cause a dangerous flash flame.

Using Your Barbecue

When using your BBQ for the first time after rain or damp conditions, always light the fire slowly and gradually so that possible water particles and humidity absorbed can be removed safely.

Light your barbecue following the instructions on your charcoal pack. However, because of the heat retention of the firebricks, you will find you need less charcoal to cook. If cooking for a long period, preheat top-up coals on the corner of the barbecue and pull across to cooking area when hot. This will keep your cooking temperature more consistent.

NOTE: Because of the temperature changes, cracks will appear in the surface and joints of your barbecue during the season. It will, therefore, be necessary to repaint the barbecue at the end of each season using any exterior masonry paint. It is advisable to protect your barbecue with a cover or a tarpaulin sheet during the winter.

The non-compliance of the above mentioned general warnings will null and void the warranty.