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Storing Seasoned Firewood

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Storing Seasoned Firewood

Big K sell a range of seasoned firewood products including hardwood logs. These are available in nets containing a mix of British hardwoods which have been responsibly and sustainably sourced. The bundles of wood can include birch, beech, elm, ash, oak, cedar and lime wood all of which adheres to BSI standard P250, P330. The logs are cut to approximately 250mm-330mm in length and 40mm to 160mm in diameter. This makes them easily portable and suitable for both modern and traditionally sized fireplaces, as well as wood burners and a whole range of other appliances.

Seasoned Firewood Logs – Click here to buy.

How to store your seasoned logs

When your seasoned logs are delivered to you, they should be stored outside, in an under cover area which is left open at both ends to allow free air circulation. An old shed with the ends removed is ideal. The circulating air helps to dry out the wood even more and importantly stops mould from developing. This means the logs will burn better.

To get the very best results, bring the required number of logs into your home for a few days prior to burning. This will ensure that they are as dry as possible and ready to be put onto the fire.

Depending on the size of your fireplace a bag of our kiln dried logs should last approximately two evenings. One way to make them last, is to burn heat logs first and then top up with real logs. This means you can enjoy that wonderfully traditional fireplace feel for longer.

You can also place well-seasoned logs on top of a bed of coal or smokeless coal, this will get the wood burning very quickly and is a quick and easy way to a lovely, warm roaring fire. Other equally effective ways to get your real log fire started are to use kindling wood, waxed logs, heat logs or firelighters.

To conform to British standards, our seasoned hardwood logs contain less than 40% moisture. Our kiln dried logs contain about half the moisture of our hardwood logs and burn very well, quickly creating a very efficient and warming fire.

Why season wood?

  • Unseasoned wood is harder to light in the first place
  • Unseasoned wood will fizz, crackle and spit, presenting safety issues, especially if your fire is not guarded.
  • Burning unseasoned wood or green wood is not fuel efficient since most of the heat from the fire is used in trying to dry out the wood.
  • Unseasoned wood creates a lot of smoke and steam when it is burned. This can cause a back draft from your chimney, filling your home with smoke.

Storing Unseasoned Firewood

Seasoned fire wood is wood that has been cut into manageable sized logs and left to dry for at least one year. Some types of wood will dry out quicker than others depending on when it was cut down in the first place. If it was cut in the spring for example, it will contain a lot of moisture as this is when the wood is growing fastest. Wood cut down in autumn will dry out quicker as is contains less moisture but for best results, you are still recommended to store it for at least a season.

One of the best ways to store unseasoned or green wood whilst it dries out is to construct a large box from wooden pallets. The pallet on the ground which forms the base of your box will raise your logs off the ground and allow air to circulate up through the bottom of the stack. It is important to raise your wood stack off the ground in this way to prevent your fire wood from absorbing ground water. The pallets used to make up the sides of your wood seasoning frame, will allow the passage of air through their slats, again, helping with the drying process.

Once erected, position the wood storage frame about 30 feet from your home. This is an ideal distance since any birds, animals or insects, attracted to the wood store, will be kept away from your home. Cover your wood stack with a tarpaulin. Remove the tarp on warm sunny days so as to allow any built up moisture to escape, otherwise cut slits into the tarp, so that air can circulate but any precipitation is kept out. You now have the perfect storage environment in which your fire wood can season properly.