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Smokeless Fuel Guide – The Guide to Big K Smokeless Fuel

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Smokeless Fuel Guide – The Guide to Big K Smokeless Fuel

Smokeless fuel is the cleaner choice of fuel. It produces no smoke when burnt, lasts longer and generally gives off a third more heat than normal house coal.

Big K sell a full range of smokeless fuels that can be delivered to customers within the M25. Big K’s winter fuel home delivery service means smokeless coal products, including naturally produced anthracite coal, can be brought right to your door. Read on for more information on the smokeless fuels available from our web site.

Smokeless Fuel - click here to browse our range of products

Smokeless Coal Fire

With smokeless coal you can enjoy all the benefits of a comforting home fire without impacting on the environment. Smokeless coal was developed after smoke free zones were introduced across the UK. It gave those living in designated smoke control areas an alternative fuel option.

So what is smokeless coal? Smokeless coal is either a natural or manufactured coal product that does not produce smoke when burned. Anthracite coal is a natural type of smokeless coal which is still mined in South Wales. On the other hand, manufactured smokeless coal is created by reducing the volatile content of coal, grinding it, and mixing it with a range of fuels to form even sized charcoal blocks.

Smokeless coal is an environmentally friendly choice of fuel with a host of other benefits. A smokeless coal fire is more efficient, produces less carbon emissions, lasts longer and has a higher heat output than ordinary house coal, which makes it more cost effective. It is also easy to light and creates less ash, so it is cleaner and means less hassle cleaning your fireplace.

Big K Smokeless Coal Fire has been authorised for use in smoke control areas. It comes pre-packed in either 10 kg or 20 kg bags, each with durable extra strong packaging.

Instant Lighting Coal Fire

The Big K Instant Lighting Coal Fire is an environmentally-friendly smokeless coal product that is clean, economical and lights quickly, so it is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

Multi-purpose, it can be used on open fires, room heaters and multi-fuel stoves. Big K Instant Lighting Coal Fire can also be used outdoors in cast iron chimneas.

This smokeless fuel is quick and easy to use. All you have to do is to put the bag in the fire grate then light it for instant heat. It is a superb product for use in smoke controlled areas.

Big K Instant Lighting Coal Fire offers a quick, clean and hassle-free solution to lighting a real fire. Each 3.5 kg bag contains smokeless coal briquettes mixed with a lighting agent. It is easy to use and you don’t need fire lighters or lighting agent.

Anthracite Coal

Anthracite coal is a natural form of smokeless coal that can be used in smoke controlled areas. It is an environmentally friendly, cheap and efficient form of heating that can be used in room heaters, boilers, cookers, open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

Anthracite coal, sometimes known as hard coal, is available in 20 kg bags. It has a black and shiny appearance, is low in sulphur, high in carbon and has a calorific value of 9kW/kG.


Homefire Smokeless Fuel is a brand of smokeless fuel used for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Authorised for use in smoke control zones, it is environmentally-friendly with 25 percent less CO2 emissions than ordinary coal.

Homefire Smokeless Fuel is easy to light and is slow burning with a high heat output, which makes it economical and efficient. Easy to control, it produces an attractive fire with a good flame picture. It also needs less refuelling than a standard coal fire and is cleaner in your fireplace as it leaves little residual unburned fuel behind.

Homefire is a premium quality smokeless fuel which comes in 10 kg bags, each with durable, extra strong packaging.

Why Burn Smokeless Fuel?

Smokeless fuels are not only cleaner, but they are also easier to use than house coal. In areas such as London, which are covered by the Clean Air Act, smokeless fuels may be the only option available to householders who want to enjoy the beauty, warmth and cosiness of an open fire.

Smokeless fuels have a number of benefits. Generally speaking these products give off up to a third more heat than standard house coal and last longer too. So it means a bag of smokeless coal is a much more economical and efficient form of heating.

Each type of smokeless fuel available has its own characteristics. However, smokeless fuels are kinder to the environment than other winter fuel products as they release fewer carbon emissions than ordinary house coal. They also leave less residual unburned fuel in the fireplace, so they are cleaner to use.