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Smokeless Coal Fire

  • Authorized to be used in smoke control areas
  • Pre-packed in 10kg or 20kg bags
  • Durable extra strong packaging 


Our Price £ 6.49 
incl.5.00% VAT

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Coal – Smokeless Coal | House Coal | Anthracite Coal

Coal is a black or brownish black combustible mineral formed about 300 million years ago, when swampy forests of scale trees, giant ferns, horsetails, and club mosses covered the earth. Layer upon layer of these plants died and were compressed and then covered with soil. As the layers were successively covered, their access to the air was limited and this stopped the full decomposition process, creating peat. Over the years heat and pressure worked to force out oxygen and hydrogen, leaving carbon-rich deposits, called coal, in layers known as seams.

Coal has been burnt for hundreds of years to heat people’s homes. Fireplaces are found in modern and traditional style properties and are a much desired asset – providing warmth and an attractive focal point to gather round in winter.

Whilst coal is still mined today, in both the UK and abroad, many homeowners are now choosing to burn smokeless coal in their open fires, stoves and woodburners.

Smokeless coal refers to natural or manufactured coal products that don’t produce smoke when burnt. Anthracite is a natural form of smokeless coal and is still mined in South Wales. Manufactured smokeless coal is produced by reducing the volatile content of coal, and then grinding it and mixing with a combination of fuels to form uniform size briquettes.

Smokeless coal was developed to create smoke free areas across the UK and to provide those who live in smoke control areas with an alternative fuel to burn. They provide efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly heating and release less carbon emissions than standard house coal. Smokeless coal also produces a high heat output, is easy to light and creates less ash, making it a cleaner choice of fuel.

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