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Big K Products

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Seasoned Hardwood Logs - FSC (LG01FS)

  • Net contains seasoned hardwood  - FSC Mix 70%
  • Higher heat and longer lasting compared to softwood
  • The logs are seasoned to reduce the moisture content. This makes our logs easier to light and generates more heat in a shorter space of time with less tar and soot deposits in your chimney.
  • Big K only uses wood from sustainable UK sources. 
  • Packed in polythene nets 

Our Price £ 4.99 
incl.5.00% VAT

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Seasoned Hardwood Logs | Firewood For Sale

Big K seasoned hardwood logs are available in nets and contain all British hardwood from sustainable sources. They can include birch, beech, elm, ash, oak, cedar and lime wood and adhere to BSI standard P250, P330. Logs are cut to approximately 250mm-330mm in length and 40mm to 160mm in diameter. This makes them suitable for both modern and traditional size fireplaces, as well as woodburners and a range of appliances.

After delivery of your seasoned logs, they should be stored under cover but open to allow free air circulation. For best results, bring them inside the house a few days prior to use to ensure they are as dry as possible for burning.

Depending on the fireplace and the surrounding conditions a bag of our kiln dry logs should last approximately two evenings You can extend the usage time by burning heat logs first and then topping up with real logs to give the traditional fireplace ambiance.

Well-seasoned logs can be placed on top of coal or smokeless coal to get them burning with ease. Alternatively you can use kindling wood, waxed logs, heat logs or firelighters to get your fire started.

As per the British standard, our seasoned hardwood logs contain less than 40% moisture. We also produce kiln dried logs, which contain approximately 20% moisture, for an even more efficient fire. These are dried in our own kiln, fuelled by waste wood, which helps to reduce landfill.

Seasoned hardwood logs – click here for delivery times and charges.