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Patio Heaters

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Patio Heating - Patio Heaters, Chimneas or Fire Pits - Which is Right For You?

Big K sell a range of patio heating to extend your barbecue or party, long into the night. Our range consists of garden patio heaters, clay chimneas and outdoor firepits, all aimed at creating and extending that evening party atmosphere. Nobody likes it when a party has to end prematurely due to the cold weather, and here, in this country that story is all too familiar.

With our range of garden patio heaters, clay chimneas and outdoor firepits there is no reason why a good party can't go on to become a great party.

The pros of garden patio heaters

Patio HeatersThe Vega and Algarve range of electric garden patio heaters will help to extend your evening in safety. They are quick and easy to operate and with no combustion involved are entirely safe around children and animals.

The heat they provide is instant and directional. You do not have to wait for the system to warm up nor do you have to stay in one place. They are also relatively small and therefore unobtrusive, unlike some of those gas cylinder patio heaters, which are not only large but unwieldy and cumbersome.

Patio heaters are also perfect for warming your entertainment and patio area if you happen to live in a smoke free zone as they do not produce any smoke.

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The cons of garden patio heaters

Garden patio heaters cost a little more than other heating options like chimneas or fire pits and they are less environmentally friendly in that they require an energy source to power them. They are also wall mounted, meaning that despite the fact that they are directional, there will be a point, beyond which, their warming effects cannot be felt.

The pros of chimneas

Clay Chimneas and Outdoor FirepitsChimneas can be very ornate with patterns carved into the clay. They make for great pieces of garden furniture in their own right and are sure to compliment your other pieces with there natural clay and terracotta colouration.

Weighing in at just 24 kilos they can easily be repositioned should you wish to change the layout of your garden entertaining space. This makes clay chimneas ideal if you are entertaining in different parts of the garden or want to have a number of heat sources positioned throughout the garden.. These exterior radiators with their tall chimneys pump out heat whilst removing any smoke and smells up and out of the way of you and your guests.

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The cons of chimneas

There aren't really any cons to chimneas. They offer a great source of heat and look good. People might be disappointed if they buy a chimneas with the view to using it as a barbecue however. Chimneas are not that great for cooking on as they’re not really big enough. Sure you might get away with the odd sausage but you won't be able to cater for a party.

The pros of outdoor firepits

Imagine a fireplace, in your garden around which all your guests could mingle and tell stories whilst enjoying a warm balmy evening outside. This is what outdoor firepits give you, a warming focal point where people can gather.

With outdoor firepits you can be safe in the knowledge that your campfire won't spread. Firepits won’t leave your lawn scarred with blackened scorch marks, nor will they run amuck, causing damage to yours or your neighbours’ property. With firepits you can if you wish, cook burgers or sausages on long forks or roast marshmallows, dipping them in warm chocolate afterwards for good measure.

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The cons of firepits

Firepits are easy to use and maintain, they are portable and they look great in any garden/patio or outside entertaining space. A downside to firepits is that, depending on the fuel you use, you will need to clean it out occasionally. A tip here is that the longer the wood has had to "season" the less ash will be left behind after burning.