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Keep Your Home Warm This Winter With Smokeless Fuel, Firewood and Heatlogs From Big K

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Keep Your Home Warm This Winter With Smokeless Fuel, Firewood and Heatlogs From Big K

We very nearly had a country wide "White Christmas" in 2010 with two heavy snow falls in the UK and temperatures dropping to -0.8C (30.56F) making it the coldest period on record since the mini ice age of 1683/84. Historically, the months of January and February have been colder than November / December and if this year stays true to form, we could be in for one of the coldest winters since records began.

During the last few days of 2010, temperatures began to rise again but the Met Office has warned that this winter could be the coldest we’ve seen for 1000 years and could see the return of people ice skating and holding fairs and markets on the River Thames! So, with these sub zero temperatures imminent, it is essential to create a warm and cosy home to protect you and your family from the cold and the best way to do this is through the use of good heating and open fires.

Warm your home up quickly with instant lighting coal and other related products

There is nothing worse than coming home to a freezing cold house, but with quick lighting products like our instant lighting fire logs, big flame heat logs, real firewood logs, seasoned firewood logs, wood fuel briquettes and premium, kiln dried hardwood logs, a fire or stove can be lit quickly, to make the house warm and cosy in no-time.

Supplement central heating with an open fire

If you are lucky enough to have a working open fire place or a woodburner in your home, you can supplement the heating provided by your central heating system with a cosy real fire. After all, there is nothing nicer than curling up on the sofa in front of a real open fire. You may not even need to put the central heating on until much later, when you go to bed and by this time you will have had all the benefits of a real log fire; the warmth, the sights, the colours, the smells, the sounds and the ambiance.

Stock up on all of your winter fuel essentials at Big K

Stock up on the winter fuel essentials to ensure you have everything to hand so that you can settle down and enjoy a roaring fire with the minimum of fuss or delay. You might need different types of firewood including hardwood and softwood and depending on your address, you may need to burn smokeless coal or perhaps you prefer the simplicity and immediacy of heat logs.

At Big K products we stock the full range of winter fuels including; smokeless fuel, anthracite coal, seasoned hardwood logs and softwood logs, firewood, house coal, kindling wood and firelighters. We also stock instant lighting coal fire and home fire products as well as fire logs, wood fuel briquettes and heat logs so, whatever your preference, we have the fire product to suit.

If your order totals in excess of £60.00 and it has been prepaid, we will deliver free of any delivery charge to any address within the M25 border. Your order will usually arrive at your doorstep within 7 days and we will contact you if we cannot meet this deadline. We will normally schedule deliveries for a morning (8 am to 12.30 am) or afternoon (12.30 pm to 5.30 pm) slot but occasionally, due to increased demand we will need to schedule an evening (after 5.30 pm) delivery, we will of course advise you accordingly.

Make sure you have enough supplies to combat what promises to be one of the coldest winters on record, shop online now to stock up.

Read on for more information on Big K's range of products:

Instant lighting coal fire

A bag of instant lighting coal fire contains smokeless coal briquettes mixed with a lighting agent. This offers a quick, easy, clean and hassle free solution to lighting a real fire. No firelighters or other lighting agent is required, simply light a match, apply the flame and watch as it takes hold. Available in 3.5 kg bags, our instant lighting coal fire product is a multi-purpose smokeless coal that can be used on open fires, in room heaters and on multi-fuel stoves. One of its principal benefits is that it is very clean, economical and quick to light. It is ideal for those very busy people or do not have the time to fiddle around with newspaper, kindling and wood, all you need do with our instant lighting coal fire product is place the bag in the grate and light it for instant heat. Instant lighting coal fire is ideal for use in smoke control areas.

Instant lighting fire logs

Instant lighting fire logs provide hassle-free, warming fires, in minutes. They are ideal for stoves or open fires and are convenient to store and clean to handle. No firelighters or kindling wood is required; simply light the wrapper a sit back, your fire log will burn safely for up to 3 hours with no sparks making it an environmentally friendly option, suitable for use within smoke-controlled areas.

Big flame heat logs

Big flame heat logs are ideal for burning on wood fuel stoves, in wood burners and on open fires. They offer a hassle free, safe alternative to seasoned firewood and to non seasoned firewood which is prone to spitting. Big flame heat logs are a clean and environmentally friendly option, they don’t spit or create sparks and they leave little in the way of ash. They are made from 100% recycled waste material which is FSC certified and are perfect for quickly creating a warming fire on a cold winter’s night. Heat logs provide more than double the heat output of normal firewood logs and burn for much longer, making them both highly efficient and cost effective

Smokeless coal fire

Our smokeless coal fire product is authorised for use in smoke control areas. It is packed in extra strong, 10 and 20Kg bags for ease of transport and storage. The term “smokeless coal” refers to naturally produced or manufactured coal products that do not produce smoke when burnt. Smokeless coal is produced by reducing the volatile content of coal, and then grinding and mixing it with a combination of fuels to form briquettes. These briquettes were developed for use in the smoke free areas which were introduced across the UK in response to the hazards caused by the great London smog of 1952. Smokeless coal fire produces an efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly form of heating, releasing less carbon into the atmosphere than standard house coal. It produces a high heat output, is easy to light and creates less ash, making it a cleaner, more eco friendly choice of fuel.


Anthracite is a natural form of smokeless coal that is still mined in parts of Southern Wales. Packaged in 20Kg bags for ease of transport and storage it is the ideal smokeless fuel source for use in room heaters, cookers and boilers, multi fuel stoves and open fires. Anthracite coal is also sometimes termed, hard coal or black coal due to its shiny, black colouring. Low in sulphur with a high carbon content, it burns very well at a high heat and does not produce smoke.

Home fire

The Home fire smokeless fuel brand is produced in extra strong 10kg bags for ease of storage and transportation. It produces a high heat, is easy to light, slow burning and leaves very little residual or unburned fuel. A Homefire fire will require less refuelling than a coal fire and is much cleaner too. It produces an attractive flame and no smoke so it is authorised for use in smoke control areas. Home fire can be burnt in a wide range of open fires and appliances including room heaters, multi-purpose stoves, cookers and free standing boilers.

Unseasoned firewood logs

Firewood logs are ideal for use in stoves and open fire places. They are cut from softwoods, such as pine, fir and spruce and packed into polypropylene nets for ease of transport and storage. They are not seasoned for as long as our seasoned logs making them cheaper to buy but they will have a higher moisture content as a result, meaning they are prone to spitting. With the use of a proper fire guard however, this is not a problem and the fizzing and crackling sounds they make will add a romantic authenticity to your fireside experience.

Softwood logs have a lower density than hardwood logs, they contain larger air pockets which make them easier to light. They burn faster, providing an intense heat output, making them great kindling but you will need more of them since they don’t last as long as hardwood logs. They are ideal for getting your fire going and form a great base for the addition of hardwood logs later.

Seasoned firewood logs

Our seasoned firewood logs are cut to approximately 250mm-330mm in length and 40mm to 160mm in diameter so that they will fit easily into most traditional and modern fireplaces as well as woodburners and a range of other appliances. They are packaged in polythene nets for ease of transport and storage. Each net contains a mix of seasoned British FSC hardwoods and softwoods and can include logs of birch, beech, elm, ash, oak, cedar and lime wood, all of which come from sustainable sources and adhere to BSI standards P250 and P330. In comparison to the unseasoned logs referred to above, seasoned firewood logs burn at a higher temperature, emitting more heat.

We recommend that upon delivery of your seasoned firewood logs, you store them outside the home but under cover and open to allow free air circulation. This will prevent rot from forming. For best results, bring them inside the house a few days prior to use to ensure they are as dry as possible before burning.

Wood fuel briquettes

Our wood fuel briquettes come in 10kg bags for ease of transport and delivery and are made using 100% recycled, waste wood. This saves on landfill and also reduces the demand for the felling of fresh timber making them extremely environmentally friendly. Additionally, they are produced in the UK which reduces their carbon footprint. Ideal for use in stoves and on open fires, they have a low moisture content which means lower emissions and they produce a high heat with no sparks.

Premium, kiln dried hardwood logs

Our kiln dried firewood comes from a sustainable, renewable source making it environmentally friendly. It is produced from superior quality FSC hardwood which has been kiln-dried for maximum performance. It is the ideal fuel for multi-fuel stoves, wood-burning stoves and open fires. It is long lasting and easy to light, producing less smoke, less tar and soot, a better flame and a higher heat output making it more fuel efficient.