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Heating Your Home This Winter – With Big K Products

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Heating Your Home This Winter - With Big K Products

With autumn on its way and the weather turning colder, now is the time to think about buying winter fuel. Winter fuel is vital to keep your home cosy and comfortable as the nights draw in. Whether you heat your home entirely by firewood or coal or use it to provide supplementary heating and comfort, now is the time to get stocked up with your favourite Big K winter fuel products.

Here is our guide to winter fuel solutions to keep your home warm and welcoming this winter.

Winter Fuel - click here to buy our products online

Smokeless Fuel

Smokeless FuelSmokeless fuel is an environmentally friendly choice of fuel which produces no smoke when burned. As well as being cleaner, it lasts longer and is more efficient as it gives off a third more heat than ordinary house coal. Smokeless fuel can be used on open fires, multi-fuel stoves, cookers and cast iron chimneas. This is the only winter fuel option for customers living in smoke controlled areas such as London, which is covered by the Clean Air Act.

Big K sell a range of smoke fuel products including Instant Lighting Coal Fire, Anthracite, Homefire and Smokeless Coal Fire.

Instant Lighting Coal Fire - Winter Fuel LondonInstant Lighting Coal Fire: This is quick to use on a coal fire and is a great solution if you need to provide instant heat in your home. Each 3.5 bag contains smokeless coal briquettes mixed with a lighting agent. It is clean and economical and can be used for open fires, room heaters, multi-fuel stoves as well as for outdoor cast iron chimneas.

Anthracite: Cheap, clean and efficient, Anthracite is a natural form of smokeless coal which is also known as hard coal. It is available in 20 kg bags and is suitable for boilers, room heaters, multi-fuel stoves, cookers and open fires.

Homefire - Winter Fuel LondonHomefire: Homefire Smokeless Fuel is easy to light and produces an attractive fire with a good flame picture. It produces a quarter less CO2 admissions than ordinary fuel and is cleaner for the fireplace as it produces less ash. Homefire is a premium quality smokeless fuel which is suitable for open fires or multi-fuel stoves and comes in 10 kg bags with extra tough packaging.

Smokeless Coal Fire: Smokeless Coal Fire is easy to light, cost effective and is cleaner than other winter fuels as it leaves little residual unburned fuel behind in the fireplace. This fuel is more efficient with a higher heat output and provides an environmentally friendly fuel alternative in smoke free zones as it releases less carbon admissions.

Smokeless Fuel - click here to buy our products online


There is nothing better than cosying up in-front of a crackling log fire during a long winter night. Log fires are warm and comforting and give homes a wonderful, welcoming feel. A log fire conjures up images of nostalgia. Think of old-fashioned images of families gathered round the fireplace. Whether you have a modern or traditional fireplace, it provides a great focal point to your living room.

Seasoned hardwoodSeasoning of firewood is the process of removing the high moisture content found in freshly cut trees. The length of time wood is seasoned depends on the type of wood involved, for example elm has a high moisture content (60 percent) so will be seasoned for longer than ash, which has a comparatively low level moisture content. Big K seasoned firewood includes kindling, seasoned firewood logs, instant lighting logs, big flame heat logs and real firewood logs. Seasoned wood is not only more efficient but it also does not cause the harmful build up of deposits in the chimney caused by non-seasoned wood.

Seasoned hardwood burns slower and for a longer period of time than softwood which produces hotter flames and it is easier to light. As a result, hardwood is much more cost effective and easier to use than soft wood alternatives.

For a clean alternative to seasoned hardwood, heat logs are long lasting and don’t spit or spark. They are also produced using 100 percent recycled waste material and are ideal for pizza ovens, open fires, wood burners and also outside in chimneas. They are FSC certified which means the wood comes from forests which are managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment. All trees felled from FSC certified forests are either replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.

Big K have a number of firewood products available to heat your home when the temperature drops and the nights draw in.

Wood Fuel Briquettes - Winter Fuel LondonWood Fuel Briquettes: A briquette is used for fuel and kindling and is a block of compressed wood chips, coal dust, charcoal or sawdust. Big K’s 10 kg wood fuel briquettes are made from a hundred percent recycled wood and have a high heat output with no sparks or spitting. It is idea for open fires, stoves and chimneas.

Premium Kiln Dry Hardwood Logs: This is a new premium product available from Big K and are the best performing logs in our firewood range. These are kiln dried for maximum performance and are efficient with a high heat output. Kiln Dry Hardwood Logs are an environmentally friendly option and produced from a renewable energy source. Easy to light and long lasting, they are also cleaner for your fireplace as they produce less soot deposits.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs - FSC: These logs are seasoned to lower the moisture content and the result is fuel that burns for longer and with a higher heat output than soft wood. They produce more heat in a shorter period of time and are 100 percent FSC certified so are environmentally friendly too. Seasoned hardwood logs are cleaner than softwood logs, as they produce less tar or soot deposits.

Big Flame 12 heat Logs: These are ideal for stoves or fireplaces and are produced from recycled wood and by products of sustainable forests. They are sold in a 12 pack and leave little ash deposits in your fireplace.

Kindling Wood: This comes in conveniently sized easy to handle bags and is to be used alongside firelighters or newspapers to get your fire started.

Chimney Cleaning Log: Ideal for safety and maintenance, a chimney cleaning log removes and neutralises deposits left in chimney flues by burning fuel.

Logs and Firewood - click here to buy our products online

Instant Lighting Products

Instant lighting products provide a quick and easy way to light a fire. These offer a great option after a long and busy day as they can provide instant heat to your home when you come in from work or being away. This hassle-free fuel alternative is simple to use and is safe too as it produces no sparks.

Instant Lighting Firelog: This is perfect for trouble-free instant fires as no firelighter or kindling wood is needed. Instead each log is quick and simple to use – just light the wrapper and the log will burn for three hours. It is environmentally friendly fuel option and is ideal for use in smoke controlled areas.

Instant Lighting Coal Fire: Each 3.5 kg bag contains smokeless coal briquettes mixed with a lighting agent. It is simple to use and store and no firelighters or lighting agents are needed.

How to Buy

Big K deliver to customers within the M25 area. To buy any of our products just click onto the item you want to purchase, add the quantity you require and enter your postcode to check delivery to your area. Our winter products are delivered free within seven working days, subject to a £60 minimum order.