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Heat Your Home in the Traditional Way Using Seasoned Hardwood Logs

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Heat Your Home in the Traditional Way Using Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Bringing warmth into your home with a real flickering fire gives it a wonderful cosy feel. Whether you live in a traditional or modern house, using wood logs as fuel creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, which is perfect for those long winter nights in. With rising costs of gas and oil prices, what better way to heat your home than a real log fire?

Providing heating in the traditional way with wood logs evokes fabulous feelings of nostalgia: think of old fashioned Christmas cards featuring families gathered by the fireside. A real fire provides an ideal focal point to your sitting room and there is nothing better than relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of a long day in front of a crackling wood burning stove.

Nowadays wood stoves come in a variety of styles from modern minimalist chic for contemporary living, to the more traditional types that would fit superbly in any country home or cottage. Some wood stoves are also fitted with boilers so they have the added benefit of directing the energy generated to heat radiators in other rooms in your home.

Using the Right Sort of Wood

To make sure your wood stove works as efficiently as possible it is important to source the right sort of wood. Damp wood and wood that has only recently been chopped so it is full of sap is the worst possible wood to use. This is because it will take a long time to light the fire, which is very frustrating, especially on cold winter nights.

However, by using seasoned hardwood logs, firewood that has been chopped and left stored in a dry covered area for two years, the fire will be easy to light and get to the ideal temperature very quickly. Within 20 minutes the pumps get going, the radiators will be luxuriously hot and you can relax and enjoy the rest of the evening in front of a colourful warm fire.

The best way to get the maximum benefit from your wood stove is to be prepared well in advance. Make sure you source a good log supplier and have enough space to store wood in a dry covered area for at least a year before it is needed so your wood stove can burn as efficiently as possible. Alternatively you can buy seasoned hardwood logs that are ready to use, which is a more convenient option for many people – especially those without the space for a large wood store.

Wood burns better the longer it has been left to season. Also as a general guide seasoned hardwoods burn slower for a longer period of time and seasoned soft woods burn for a shorter period of time but with hotter flames. This makes seasoned hardwood logs more cost effective for heating your home than soft wood alternatives.

Environmental Benefits

Wood stoves are seen as the most environmentally friendly heating methods available, unlike fossil fuels such as gas, coal and oil. Wood energy is renewable so it can be used as often as necessary without depleting the earth. Fossil fuels on the other hand are not renewable and their consumption is the leading cause of global warming. So by opting for a wood stove, you are making a really valuable contribution to the environment. This is especially true if the logs you buy are FSC certified.

Technology has advanced so dramatically that wood burning stoves are no longer seen as old fashioned and out-dated. Instead they are an energy efficient wonder of modern heating technology without losing the beauty and enchantment of a real fire. Real fires have been captivating people for centuries and a wood stove provides a fascinating and relaxing addition to any home.

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