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Garden Fire Pits and Fire Bowls FAQs

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Garden Fire Pits and Fire Bowls FAQs

What are garden fire pits?

Fire PitsIn one form or another garden fire pits and fire bowls have been around for centuries. The ancients used them as much for ritual as for keeping warm and throughout history they have been used as portable heat sources for garden parties and festivities. Like barbecues without the food, they are raised platforms upon which it is possible to build a fire. The advantages that garden fire pits and fire bowls bring, over normal bonfires are that in both cases the fire is contained and therefore highly controllable. Most garden fire pits are made of metal and come with a spark guard to prevent any sparks from flying around and causing a nuisance to you or your guests whereas fire bowls tend to be made of clay. In either case garden fire pits and fire bowls are light enough to be moved around the garden.

Garden Fire Pits - click here to browse our range of firepits and fire bowls

What are the benefits of using these in comparison to other methods of outdoor heating?

Fire Pits A clear advantage of garden fire pits and fire bowls over ground-based bonfires is that your lawn or patio surface will not be spoiled with scorch marks. Also, unlike wall mounted electric patio heaters or those cumbersome gas fired freestanding patio heaters that you see outside so many restaurants they are not limited or confined to heating a certain area. This means that you and your guests can group around your campfire anywhere you chose in the garden without fear of causing damage to your surroundings.

How big are they?

The principal attraction of garden fire pits and fire bowls is their portability and for that reason they are never too big or heavy. At 10 and 12kgs respectively, our "Prima" and "Signa" garden fire pits can be moved around the garden at will. At 45kgs, our cast iron "Prestige" garden fire pits will take a bit more lifting but two people should manage it quite easily. Our "Prima" garden fire pits, which are constructed from contemporary stainless steel and come complete with matt painted mesh spark guard & poker, stand at 73cms in height and are 38cms wide. The "Signa "steel basket firepit with its removable BBQ grill plate, large cooking area & poker stands at 55cms in height and is 56cms in width, providing a 44cm cooking area. Our "Prestige" garden fire pits are much taller, standing at 152cms with a width of 80cms. At 14 and 18 kgs, our fire bowls are a little heavier than both the "Prima and "Signa" fire pits. The smaller and lighter of the two, stands at 40cms and is 37cms wide where as the larger, heavier one is 73cms tall and 45cms in width.

For safety's sake when lifting fire pits or fire bowls, ensure that they are cold or at least cool enough to touch and that you employ the correct manual handling techniques.

How much do they cost?

Our garden fire pits range in cost as follows;
Our fire pits currently range from £45 - £229. Our fire bowls currently range from £55 and £85

Garden Fire Pits - click here to browse our range of firepits and fire bowls

How much heat do they give off?

Since the garden fire pits and fire bowls are both completely unrestricted, the amount of heat they give off is limited only by the amount of energy stored within the substance you are burning.

What fuel do they use?

As with the clay chimineas, you can burn all sorts of things on garden fire pits and fire bowls from smokeless fuels to fire logs, from instant lighting charcoal to solid fuel logs and seasoned firewood as well as garden waste and tree litter like fallen twigs and dry foliage.

How much do they cost to use?

The cost to use a garden fire pit or fire bowl is almost negligible. A small amount of paper and kindling wood is all that is needed to get your fire started and then some charcoal and/or wood to keep it going.

How environmentally friendly are they?

Garden fire pits and fire bowls are extremely environmentally friendly since much of the fuel used to keep them going is either recycled or smokeless.

Where do Big K deliver to?

We can deliver your garden fire pits or fire bowls to all parts of England, Wales and Scotland.

How much is delivery?

For orders of between £50 and £149.99 we make a charge of £10. If your order value exceeds £150 delivery is free to England and Wales. Deliveries to Scotland are subject to an additional charge please contact us for details.

Garden Fire Pits - click here to browse our range of firepits and fire bowls