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Firewood For Sale - Nothing Says Cosy Like a Real Fire

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Firewood For Sale - Nothing Says Cosy Like a Real Fire

Nothing beats the beauty of colourful flames and with plenty of firewood for sale during the winter months, there is no excuse not to cosy up in-front of a roaring log fire. A crackling log fire adds to the seasonal atmosphere and provides plenty of warmth to get you through those cold winter nights.

In addition to heat, home fires also produce light and provide a focal point in the living room. When it is frosty outside, there is something very romantic and charming about relaxing in-front of an open fire and watching flames flicker while breathing in the homely smell of burning wood. An open fire brings the whole family together as everyone gathers around it in the living room.

Even houses with central heating can benefit from a real fire. Wood burning stoves are becoming more and more popular as they can be used in tandem with your principal heating system to help keep fuel costs down. Nowadays you don’t even have to chop your own wood as firewood for sale can be ordered over the internet through companies such as Big K.

It is often difficult to decide whether to use coal or firewood on your home fire. Although smokeless coal is often used, a real log fire has more of an appeal than a coal fire because it is much cleaner to handle and gives off a wonderful aroma.

However, there are other factors which may influence your decision to use firewood as a fuel. These include environmental concerns, lack of storage space and time-constraints. We shall address some of these issues in the following sections.

Firewood for sale - click here to view our range of products

Is Using Firewood Environmentally Friendly?

Some people are concerned about using wood as fuel because they feel it will impact on the environment. In fact, wood is a huge source of renewable energy and if burned effectively it is virtually smoke-free.

Many companies including Big K use FSC certified wood for firewood, which is wood sourced from sustainable and properly managed sources. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) assesses the management of forests and tracks the forest product through its entire chain of custody to find out where it went and what it was used for. So if you are looking for FSC certified firewood for sale, Big K products will give you peace of mind.

Big K firewood for sale is obtained from UK sources, which minimises the carbon footprint. In addition, some products, such as our Heat Logs, are made from recycled wood, so they are very environmentally friendly.

Is Firewood Bulky or Heavy to Use?

Firewood comes in manageable sized packs and as Big K will deliver to your home, you won’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting. Our Seasoned Hardwood Logs or Kiln Dried Logs weigh just 10 kg when packed. Heatlogs usually have a weight of 10 kg, an Instant Light Firelog will weigh around 1.1 kg.

Some of our products, such as our Big Flame 16 Heat Logs, are also stackable so they save on storage space.

Is Lighting a Firewood Fire Difficult?

Modern firewood products are designed with ease of lighting in mind. Our seasoned firewood logs, for example, have low moisture content so they burn with maximum energy efficiency. We also have a selection of quick and easy lighting products such as our Instant Lighting Firelogs which do not need the use of kindling or fire –lighters. Instead all you have to do is to light the wrapper and the log will burn for up to three hours. Our Fire Starters also work in the same way.

For handy tips on how to light a fire, take a look at our article: How to Light a Fire with Coal or Firewood.

Types of Firewood for Sale

Here we shall take a look at the main types of firewood for sale through Big K.

Premium Kiln Dry Hardwood Logs – These logs are Big K’s best performers because we use a kiln-drying process to lower the moisture content. This makes the product easy to light and they last longer and produce a higher heat output.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs - These are FSC certified and they have a much higher output and are easier to light than green wood. This is because seasoned firewood has been left to dry to reduce the moisture content. One of our 10 kg bags of logs will last for approximately two evenings.

Instant Lighting Firelogs - These are a good product if you are time-pressed and need to provide instant heat. You do not need any kindling wood or fire-lighters, all you have to do is to light the wrapper. They are also easy to store.

Wood Fuel Briquettes - These have a low moisture content so they produce a high heat output. They are also made from recycled wood and are UK manufactured, so they have a low carbon footprint and are environmentally friendly.

Heat Logs - These are easy to use and are quick lighting. As they produce double the heat output to ordinary firewood logs, they are an economical and efficient way to heat the home. They are made from recycled wood and are stackable.

Kindling Wood - These are small pieces of timber used to get fires started and can be used with fire-lighters or newspapers for a picture-perfect fire. Our kindling comes in handy bag sizes which are easy to move and store.

Firewood for sale - click here to view our range of products

If you need firewood for sale or any other winter fuel products, you can order through our website or contact Big K on 0800 328 5124. You can also email us through