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Fireplace Decorating Ideas - Creating the Perfect Centrepiece for Your Living Room

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Fireplace Decorating Ideas - Creating the Perfect Centrepiece for Your Living Room

Decorating your real log fire in the right way will create the perfect centrepiece for your living room – and there are all sorts of innovative solutions and ideas for this, including transforming your hardwood logs into a work of art!

Whether you have a modern or period fireplace, this article looks at the top tips on how to make the most of this feature. Read on to discover seven fireplace ideas that are certain to add warmth to your sitting room this winter.

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Hang a Mirror Above the Fireplace - An elegant mirror above a fireplace will brighten this area and immediately attract the eye. It also makes a room look more spacious. A large, square mirror gives the illusion of a higher ceiling, whereas a rectangular mirror makes a room look wider.

A gilt-framed mirror is a great solution for a traditional interior, or, for an Oriental look, go for a black or white lacquered mirror. If you prefer an eco-friendly option, there are a wide range of contemporary mirrors made from recycled materials such as driftwood or reclaimed timber, and, for the shabby chic look, an ornate white painted mirror looks amazing above a fireplace.

Make the Most of Your Artwork - Hanging a beautiful painting above a fireplace is another way to draw attention to your open fire. From oil paintings, for a traditional look, to bold and bright contemporary art, there are an unlimited number of options to suit all budgets.

When choosing an investment piece, it is always best to go for something that you will love – after all, it will be hanging in your home!

Choose Attractive Storage Solutions - Believe it or not, it is possible to make a feature out of storing your hardwood logs. There are some fantastic wood storage solutions, such as rectangular contemporary shelving at either side of the fireplace where you can stack your logs in an attractive way.

Other contemporary ideas include hanging decorative metal racks on the wall of your sitting room. The benefit of this is that they are relatively low cost to buy, and they don’t take up too much space.

For a more traditional interior, a brass metal storage container always looks chic and stylish and fits with most period-style homes.

Buy Appealing Fire Grates and Accessories – From fire pokers to fire guards, pans and brushes, open fires have a host of accessories for cleanliness, fire safety and to help make the fire burn longer.

Fire accessories are usually available in a matching range, and you can either buy these new, or browse an antiques shop for the perfect fireplace accessories.

Showcase Your Ornaments - If the minimalist look doesn’t suit your decorating style, mantelpieces provide additional space to showcase your best ornaments. Choose the most beautiful ones to display, such as a striking sculpture, ornamental candlestick or decorative vases.

Create an Elaborate Floral Feature - You can even make the most of your fireplace in summer. When the weather warms up and the fireplace is out of use, one of the ways to decorate this space is to arrange dried flowers in a basket, which makes a superb feature in a period home.

Make sure that your fireplace is fully swept and clean of any debris and ash, and your hardwood logs are cleared before you start. You can either make your own arrangement, or, if you feel this is too big a task to undertake, you can buy one ready made from a flower shop or garden centre.

Make a Warm and Inviting Space with Candles - Another way to enhance your fireplace is with scented candles. When the fire is not in use, lit candles create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere and smell divine!

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