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Clay Chimneas and Outdoor Firepits

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The Benefits of Clay Chimneas and Outdoor Firepits

Clay Chimneas and Outdoor FirepitsHere at Big K, we sell a range of clay chimneas and firepits for outside heating. Outdoor firepits and clay chimneas are ideal if you are hosting a party that you expect will spill out, into your garden and patio home entertaining space. As the evenings lengthen and warm up, more and more parties will be held outside or with the patio/concertina doors held open to allow that special mix of indoor and outdoor revelry.

Firepits and chimneas make wonderful focal points and they are real conversation pieces around which many of your guests will gather for warmth as the evening progresses. Outdoor firepits and clay chimneas are far more environmentally friendly than the patio heaters you see in many public houses as they do not rely on a gas or electricity supply. Chimneas and firepits use firelighters, kindling and firewood and will keep burning as long as they are topped up with fuel.


Chimneas are small outdoor fireplaces usually made of clay or terracotta. They tend to be quite squat in the body with a tall neck or chimney designed to carry the smoke upwards and out of the way of guests. Front loading with a mouth that opens onto a fire grate, they can be very ornate and make for great pieces of garden furniture in their right.

Big K stock a range of medium sized chimneas which are supported on 3 legs that form part of a bent wire stand. At just over 1 metre in height and just under half a metre in width, these substantial chimneas will make an elegant addition to any garden, patio or outside entertaining space. Weighing in at 24 kilos and built from solid clay they won’t easily be blown over either, making them a solid outdoor heating feature in any garden.

The benefits of chimneas

Although it is possible to cook on chimneas in the same way as on a barbecue, the lack of any real space makes this rather impractical. Chimneas are the radiators of the garden. Different to barbecues, you get all the heat from a fire with none of the associated smoke and smells.

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Outdoor Firepits

Outdoor firepits are like having your own fireplace but outside in the garden or on the patio. You get all the benefit of a real fire, with no burnt carpets and no singed grass. If you want use it as a barbecue, you can, if you want to use it as a chimnea, you can. It is ideal for cooking sausages and burgers and it is equally good for warming your hands.

Big K sell a variety of firepits from the contemporary stainless steel option that comes with a stylish mesh cover, to the more traditional, steel basket firepits with their removable BBQ grill plate and large cooking area right through to the large and elegant cast iron & steel firepits with their brushed copper finish.

The beauty of firepits is that they can take any kind of combustible fuel, from seasoned wood logs to garden refuse. Obviously, the longer the wood has had to dry, the better it will burn but, because your fire pit is located outside, you needn't worry too much about sparks or embers.

The benefits of firepits

Safety is one of the prime benefits of outdoor firepits. Your fire is always contained and will not therefore get out of hand. Such is the attraction of fire that firepits become instant hits when they are lit and focal points for many an outside gathering of friends. More so perhaps than any internal fireplace since any member of the group is free have a play with it, and most will certainly want to. Firepits draw the eye and your guests will want to gather around them as the nights cools, not just for the warmth but for the light and for that special, campfire feeling. Lighting a firepit is a sure fire way of prolonging a party and the best way to keep party guest happy and warm, long into the night.

Another benefit of firepits is that they will not burn great black circles into your lawn. The firepit is raised above ground and some even have a steel mesh or glass cover that lets you view and enjoy the flames while controlling sparks. They also allow 360 degree viewing of the fire meaning that your guests are not all crowded into one spot, but free to move around, circulate and mingle whilst still enjoying the flames, the light, the warmth and the comfort of a real outside fire.

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