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Logs and Wood

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Showing 11 - 9 of 9 Results 1  

Seasoned Firewood For Sale – Hardwood Logs, Heat Logs, Instant Lighting Logs, Kindling

Big K offer an excellent selection of seasoned firewood for sale including seasoned hardwood logs, real firewood logs, Big flame heat logs, instant lighting logs and kindling. Most of our firewood is FSC certified wood, which means that the forests it has been sourced from are managed with consideration for people, wildlife and the environment. Big K has been an accredited supplier of FSC certified wood since 1997.

Seasoning of wood is the process of removing the high moisture content found in freshly cut trees. It is important to burn seasoned wood, as it is more efficient and does not cause harmful build up of deposits in the chimney that wet non-seasoned wood will cause.

The length of time a log is seasoned for depends on the type of wood. For example, Elm has approximately 60% moisture when it is green (freshly cut). The BSI standard on Biomass Fuels for seasoned forest wood is where the moisture content is less than 40%. To get elm to this level of moisture it must be stored outside for approximately two seasons. Ash on the other hand has a naturally low level of moisture when green so does not need to be seasoned for as long.

We have a vast area of space where we store our wood before cutting, splitting and bagging to ensure our stock levels never run low. After they are bagged they are palletised and stored in open sided warehouses for a further seasoning. By splitting the wood there is a larger surface area for moisture to be released.

The consumer must be careful when looking at seasoned wood – The length of time is largely irrelevant as explained above, it depends on many factors, such as the type of wood and whether the wood is split before being seasoned.

Our seasoned firewood and logs are sold by the bag rather than weight. This is because the weight of wood changes as it loses moisture, so weight is not an accurate measurement of the quantity being sold. Our seasoned firewood and hardwood logs are sold in bags and tied.

Big K also offers kiln dried logs which are dried in our special on site ovens fuelled by our own waste.

Good Reasons to Buy FSC Certified Wood

Buying wood from FSC certified forests is the environmentally friendly choice. FSC certified forests ensure that all trees that are felled are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. This helps to preserve the forest for generations to come. Parts of an FSC forest are left natural to provide continued habitation for rare animals and plants. Also in areas (other than the UK) where indigenous tribes use a forest, these areas are maintained and will be protected from felling.

As well as taking care of the environment, the FSC scheme takes into account the needs of the people and communities who use the forest. The forest owner must ensure that workers receive training and a good salary and they may do other things to strengthen the community, such as providing schools, especially in countries outside of Europe. All Big K’s FSC wood comes from the UK.

The FSC scheme tracks wood from tree to end product and the FSC label can be found on many different products including furniture, paper, flooring and even venison. The scheme is supported by many large charities including Greenpeace and the Woodland Trust.

Seasoned firewood for sale – click here for delivery times and charges.