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BBQ Charcoal

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The Asado BBQ hamper houses all of ...

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Retail Price:£ 24.99
Our price: £ 18.00
incl.20.00 % VAT

"Strike up a heart warmi ...

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Our price: £ 2.49
incl.5.00 % VAT

A natural product made from e ...

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Our price: £ 14.99
incl.5.00 % VAT

Excellent well performing res ...

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Our price: £ 15.99
incl.5.00 % VAT

Excellent hardwood charcoal m ...

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Our price: £ 17.99
incl.5.00 % VAT

Perfect in adding that distin ...

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Our price: £ 4.99
incl.20.00 % VAT

Filled with FSC-certified cha ...

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Our price: £ 19.85
incl.5.00 % VAT

Filled with FSC-certified qua ...

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Our price: £ 7.49
incl.5.00 % VAT

Filled with FSC-certified rec ...

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Our price: £ 29.93
incl.5.00 % VAT


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Our price: £ 2.99
incl.20.00 % VAT

Showing 1 - 10 of 22 Results 1  2  3  

BBQ Fuels & Disposable Barbecues

Our range of bbq fuels includes bbq lumpwood charcoal, restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal, instant lighting charcoal, disposable picnic barbecues and disposable party size barbecues.

BBQ Lumpwood Charcoal

High quality barbecue charcoal made from residue wood. Suitable for all of our charcoal bbqs, this product is available in 5-kilogram bags. Minimum order: 12 bags.

Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal

Suitable for commercial use or the professional barbecuer, this charcoal is made with bigger chunks, which are suitable for large barbecues.

Restaurant Grade Briquettes

Suitable with the Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal.  The longest burning product in our range.  Difficult to light and requires lumpwood to ease the lighting process.

Instant Lighting Charcoal

Made from FSC certified lumpwood charcoal that has been impregnated with lighting aid, instant lighting charcoal is quick and easy to use and the preferred choice by many. Simply light the bag and your charcoal bbq will be ready to use within fifteen minutes.

Disposable Barbecues

We stock two sizes of disposable barbecue that can be used for picnics, camping or parties. Filled with FSC certified lumpwood charcoal, these are quick and easy to light with a match and will be ready to cook on within twenty minutes.

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