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Bags of Logs - Why Seasoned Hardwood Logs is a Practical Choice of Fuel for Your Fire

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Bags of Logs - Why Seasoned Hardwood Logs is a Practical Choice of Fuel for Your Fire

Wood has been used on open fires since the early Stone Age when it is believed that humans first made use of fire for heat and cooking. Dried animal dung and peat moss were thought to be among the earliest forms of fuel, but wood was plentiful. And, over the course of time it was discovered that seasoning, or drying cut hardwood logs for a season, increased the efficiency of the fuel and meant that fires could burn hotter and for longer.

Bags of Logs

Fortunately, gone are the days of sourcing wood and chopping logs for an open fire. Instead, many of you now prefer to take the convenient route of buying bags of logs over the internet for home delivery. By ordering winter fuel via Big K in advance of a cold snap, you will always have a supply of cut wood to hand when the temperature drops.

Big K offer free winter fuel delivery to homes across the UK, and are a one-stop-shop, providing all you need to keep your open fire burning and your home cosy and warm this winter. Among the products we sell are fire wood, seasoned hardwood, heat logs, smokeless coal, anthracite coal, Homefire, instant lighting coal fire, house coal, matches, paraffin and firelighters.

If you are reordering your winter fuel, here are just seven reasons why you should choose Big K's bags of logs for your home fire:

Our firewood is easy to store - One of the many benefits of buying bags of logs through Big K is that our products are easy to stockpile when the weather turns cooler. Big K's Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs and seasoned hardwood logs are stackable and are supplied in nets so that they can remain well ventilated in storage. It is advisable to keep your firewood under cover, in an area where the air can freely circulate, but the logs can be brought into the house a few days before burning. Some fireplaces have a built in log storage, either at the sides of the hearth or on the wall, which is an attractive feature in itself.

Our logs are cut to a uniform size - Our seasoned hardwood logs are cut in lengths of between 25-30 cm and 4-16cm in diameter, so they fit most fireplaces, wood burners and appliances. The benefit of having logs cut to a uniform length of this size is that shorter pieces are easy to manage. Also, if your wood is chopped to length, this gives you a rough idea of how long your wood will burn for, so you know how many bags to order in advance. A bag of our kiln dried logs, for example, will last for about two evenings, although you can always extend its length of use by burning a heat log first before adding the timber.

Seasoned wood can be delivered to your home - The biggest benefit of buying bags of cut timber is that you don't have to go out and chop the logs yourself, which is time consuming and back breaking work. Instead, Big K can deliver it to your door, which frees up your time to spend on other things such as relaxing and enjoying your open fire.

Solid wood is a sustainable product - Timber is one of the most sustainable products there is. Big K is committed to the environment and we source FSC certified British woods, which cuts down our carbon footprint. Our Kiln Dry Hardwood Logs are entirely made from FSC hardwood, with a minimum of 70 per cent for our seasoned hardwood logs. In addition to this, we also provide other environmentally sound winter fuel choices such as smoke free coal.

Our bags include a varied mix of wood - Our seasoned hardwood logs include a mixed variety of timber such as oak, cedar, lime wood, ash, birch, elm and beech. As the moisture content varies between the species, so the energy output will also vary; some species burn for longer, and some more intensely than others, so a mixed bag increases the efficiency of your fire. The wood we produce is to the highest quality, and we meet the required British standards as each bag of our seasoned hardwood logs contains less than 40 per cent moisture, with a 20 per cent moisture content for our kiln dried logs.

We supply seasoned hardwood for greater fuel efficiency - Seasoned hardwood is easy to light and produces a higher heat output. It is also cleaner too, as it leads to less soot deposits in your chimney. Buying ready cut firewood from Big K eliminates the need to season the wood yourself and it frees up space as you no longer need to store large piles of timber outside your home or in a storage unit.

Our logs are competitively priced fuel for your fire –Big K products are competitively priced, so you know you are getting good value for money. Bags of logs are also good value when compared to other forms of winter fuel. A bag of seasoned logs, for example, would cost you less than half the price of a 10 kg bag of anthracite coal, although the burn times will vary.

Bags of Logs - click here to find out about Big K logs and wood prices and delivery.