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Alternative Winter Fuel – How To Light a Fire with Coal or Firewood

It’s the time of year when people are thinking of the convenience of coal home delivery to get their real fire going. Even those with centrally heated homes glance at their unused fireplace and think how nice it would be to have a roaring log fire. But if you have never lit a fire before, how do you start?

Some of the questions you may be thinking about are: how difficult is it to light a log fire? Is it safe? Is it better to use coal or seasoned hardwood logs? Where can I get fuel? Getting a fire going is far easier than you think.

Here we will look at the benefits of coal home delivery and give you practical tips for lighting a fire using coal or seasoned hardwood logs.

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Coal Home Delivery and Firewood for Sale

If you have a real log fire it is worth thinking about some of the products available so you make the right choice. Big K sell a wide range of fuel to get your fire started including seasoned hardwood logs, house coal, smokeless fuel, anthracite coal, kindling wood, heat logs, firewood logs, instant lighting logs and fire-lighters. Winter fuel is available though our nationwide home delivery service which includes firewood for sale and coal home delivery. At first the choice may seem overwhelming, but there are a number of factors which will help influence your decision.

The first of these is where you live. Many parts of the UK are designated smoke controlled zones, so if you do live in one of these areas your choice will be limited to smokeless fuel products such as Anthracite Coal, Smokeless Coal Fire or Home Fire.

Space constraints are another factor guiding you in your choice of fuel. If you do not have the space to store large quantities of firewood, then you will find our smaller bags of fuel and stackable products such as our Seasoned Hardwood Logs, or Kiln Dry Logs, much more convenient to use.

If storage or smoke-controlled zones are not an issue, then your choice of fuel simply comes down to cost-effectiveness and personal preference. For example how easy the product is to light and whether it has a lasting heat out-put.

Safety Considerations

Making a log fire contains an element of risk, so before you light your home fire, there are some important safety issues to consider.

Here are our top safety tips:

  • Always make sure your chimney is well-maintained to prevent chimney fires. Hire a professional chimney sweep who will make sure it is thorough clean and safe to use. You can get the number of a local one through the Yellow Pages or Phone Book.
  • The fireplace, including the grate and hearth, must be cleaned thoroughly before each use. Use a hand-shovel and a brush to do this and tip any hot ash or embers slowly into a fireproof container. A clean fire-place makes the fire much more energy-efficient as it enables good air flow.
  • Make sure pets and children are kept well away from a lit fire.
  • Don't leave the room once the fire has started unless you are fully-confident that it is safe to do so and you have a fire-guard in place.

How to Light a Fire With Firewood

A number of different materials are available to get the fire started. You will need scrunched up pieces of paper or newspaper along with either Big K’s kindling, firelighters, Fire Starters or Instant Lighting Fire Log.

You will then need a good selection of seasoned hardwood logs. These burn a lot better than unseasoned firewood as they have been left to dry out which reduces the moisture content.

The first step to lighting your fire is to put the scrunched up pieces of paper in the grate and then add kindling or fire-lighters. Next place your seasoned hardwood logs on top, burning smaller pieces of wood first and then adding larger logs once the fire is well under-way.

Set fire to the paper to light the fire. If you want to speed up the burning process, you can use fire-bellows which add oxygen to the fire.

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If you are pushed for time, there is another way to get a fire started. Big K's Instant Lighting Fire Log is an excellent alternative to seasoned hardwood logs, providing instant heat and burning for up to three hours. All you have to do is to light the wrapper, then sit back and enjoy all the benefits of a real log fire.

How to Light a Fire With Coal

If you want to use coal to get your fire started, the process is more or less the same.

Start by using scrunched up balls of paper and kindling, then add small pieces of firewood.

Once the fire is well underway add coal in batches by letting the first load ignite, before adding a second load on top. You can also place well-seasoned logs on top of coal or smokeless coal if preferred.

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